Puritan Audio Laboratories

Excellence In Mains Power Purification Systems And Accessories. From our Oxfordshire research and manufacturing facilities we develop and produce a number of systems and components to ensure that your HiFi set up is fed with the cleanest power at the lowest impedance for maximum dynamics and purity. Mains power in is the first and vital component in your sound reproduction chain and dirty power, straight out the wall restricts performance at every stage very significantly. Our products are meticulously and robustly engineered, manufactured in Britain and provide astonishing performance at equally astonishing value.

Where to find Puritan Audio Laboratories at the show

See Puritan Audio Laboratories on Stand Bristol 7c on the Ground Floor

Will be graphically demonstrating just why you need mains treatment and how devastatingly effective Puritan products are. Domestic supplies often carry a full volt of high frequency hash, 20,000 times the voltage changes a 16 bit DAC is attempting to resolve! Whether digital or the miniscule output of a mc cartridge , so much musical subtlety, definition and clout is lost when the signal is muddied by hash. Experience greater clarity, depth, separation, nuance and sheer enjoyment. Incredible Show Offers.

New Product Launches: Enhanced and upgraded Power Strip range with various options for cleansing and balancing. Studio Master Ultimate Purifiers with increased variants. Ultimate Mains Cables with improved dissipative technology.

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