Where to find Hana at the show

See Hana in Room 306 on the 3rd Floor

Astin Trew, Graham Audio and Black Rhodium together , will demonstrate their newest and best products. The Astin Trew room won last years 'best demonstration' award, we are building on this success.

We will demonstrate both the Astin Trew AT2-2100 integrated amplifier through stand mounted speakers and the NEW pre/power amplifiers through floor standing speakers through both a vinyl and tape front ends, using a Planalogue/Sorane/Hana vinyl set up, and Reel to Reel mater tapes with a 1970’s TEAC machine!

New Product Launches: Astin Trew AT2-1100 pre-amplifier: Astin Trew AT2-5100 power amplifier; Hana ML Moving Coil cartridge; Sorane ZA12 transcription tone-arm.


22.01.19    NEW Astin Trew - Pre and Power Amp's
pic   The NEW Astin Trew AT2-1100 pre-amplifier and AT2-5100 (185W per channel) stereo power amplifier to be demonstrated. more info