Chord Mojo

Where to find Chord Mojo at the show

See Chord Mojo on Stand Bristol 5 on the Ground Floor, on Stand Bristol 6 on the Ground Floor and in the SS Great Britain 1 Suite on the Ground Floor

The UK's leading amplification and digital audio experts will have the European debut of the new Qutest DAC at the show, following the CES outing of this highly advanced newcomer which is based on the award-winning Hugo 2. Chord Electronics will once again have two locations, with a UK-flavoured main system featuring Qutest, the CPM 3350 integrated and B&W loudspeakers, plus a portables stand, with Mojo and Poly. New Product Launches: Qutest DAC;

Experience the full power of Chord Electronics' award-winning Mojo and Poly, along with the new GoFigure app. When partnered with Mojo, Poly enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at home or on the go. Poly is also a music player, with an unlimited-capacity Micro SD card slot. Full smartphone control using the GoFigure app enables effortless music playback whether streaming or playing music from Micro SD.

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