Auralic have established a worldwide reputation for designing innovative music streaming and audio components of the highest quality - a combination of classic analogue technology and cutting edge digital evolution with a design aesthetic.

All products are precision manufactured and built to exacting standards. The proprietary Lightning DS app makes it easy to play high resolution music in each room of your home from any internet service or local storage device, to discover new music based upon your own tastes, to share music from friends, and connect your audio system with the very latest technology and superior audio performance’.

Web Link: www.auralic.com

Where to find AURALiC at the show

See AURALiC in the Castle View Suite Suite on the 1st Floor

Auralic will be partnering Spendor loudspeakers in the spacious 'Castle View Suite' situated in Room 108 on the first floor of the Bristol Marriot Hotel 22nd - 24th February. On show will be the full Auralic range of award winning streaming source products together with Spendor A line, D line and Classic 100R2 models. The demonstration system will comprise Aries G2 Streaming Transport, Vega G2 DAC, Leo GX Reference Clock, Merak amplification and Spendor 100R2 loudspeakers. Cabling and mains conditioning by Audioquest

Spendor Audio

Spendor will be exhibiting in the Castle suite situated in room 108 on the first floor. On demonstration will be the Spendor A7, What HiFi’s 2018 Best Floorstanding speaker over £2000 and the stunning Classic 100. The demonstration system will be reference level Auralic electronics; G2 Streaming Transport, Vega G2 DAC, Leo GX Reference Clock and Merak amplification. All electronics will be supported using the brand-new BASE Platforms. Come and experience how this single component can elevate your music experience.

New Product Launches: Updated Spendor D7 & D9 loudspeakers. BASE B350, B430, B475 Platforms