Where to find Planalogue at the show

See Planalogue in Room 306 on the 3rd Floor

Astin Trew will be demonstrating their new ranges of Amplifiers in two systems, using a Planalogue turntable for vinyl in one and Master Tapes from STS through the other; using both floor standing and stand mounted Graham Audio loudspeakers.

The fabulous new AT2-5100 dual mono 180W power amplifier and AT2-1100 pre-amplifier combination will be heard for the first time, alongside the AT2-2100 amplifier and AT2-8200 phono-stage. Do come and have a relaxing listen to our great value and great sounding set ups.

New Product Launches:The Astin Trew AT2-1100 / AT2-5100 pre+power amplifiers. Hana SLMono, low output MC mono cartridge.

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