Gold Note

Web Link: www.goldnote.it

Where to find Gold Note at the show

See Gold Note in Room 322 on the 3rd Floor

Introducing for the first time Gold Note to the UK: the Italian High-End manufacturer located in Firenze (Tuscany) has been designing a complete series of turntables and electronics for over 25 years, achieving the elegant refined and detailed sound it is today renowned for. Every single creation is designed, engineered and skilfully crafted to deliver audio pleasure: creations like the awarded Mediterraneo Turntable, the acclaimed and smart Phono Stage PH-10 or the innovative super Integrated Amplifier IS-1000

New Product Launches: Integrated Amplifier IS-1000: the first all-in-one amp for audiophiles that delivers true High-End quality sound while seamlessly merging a Class A/B integrated amplifier with a DAC, a phono stage and a streamer to browse the best online music services.

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