The SugarCube™ is a line of all-in-one vinyl noise removal and recording components. SweetVinyl’s technology includes automatic LP metadata identification, user-selectable, non-destructive, click and pop removal, and novel front-panel push-button USB recording.

Web Link: http://www.sweetvinyl.com/

Where to find SweetVinyl at the show

See SweetVinyl on Stand Bristol 10a on the Ground Floor and on Stand Bristol 10b on the Ground Floor

Room 420

Experience the myriad high-end solutions from the Henley Audio product catalogue in Room 420. Whether you’re looking for a high-end turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, a sophisticated vinyl click&pop isolator from SweetVinyl, a sophisticated digital front-end from Roon Labs or powerful electronics solutions from Musical Fidelity – this room will have it all on active demonstration throughout the weekend. At selected times we will also run closed-door Ortofon demonstrations, charting the journey through the range from introductory MM to high-end MC cartridges.