Where to find Emotiva at the show

See Emotiva in Room 330 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 332 on the 3rd Floor

Room 332

Demonstrating unrivalled performance and value in Karma’s AV room, Emotiva’s best-in-class RMC-1 processor delivers 16 (7.3.6) fully balanced channels, an all-analogue preamplifier section, precision 32-bit AD/DA conversion supporting the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS-X surround sound formats, and an advanced 4K UHD video management system ensuring theatre-like video quality from all 4K UHD HDR10 sources. Karma’s 5.2.2 dem system also features Emotiva’s XPA7 power amplifier, SVS Prime Pinnacle towers, twin SB3000 subs, Prime Centre/Bookshelves and Straightwire cables.


14.02.19    Emotiva RMC-1 Returns To Set The AV Benchmark At Bristol
pic   Featuring theatre-like AV performance from all 4K sources, the RMC-1 proves that great design quality needn’t cost the earth more info