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We have spent over three years of design and engineering, developing this patented, ground breaking Ultrasonic Record Restoration System, with over 2,500 systems shipped in our first year.

Professors, Record Curators, Engineers, Designers and Audio Professionals are astounded by what we are achieving. Proven to safely remove fungus, mold, soap and chemicals left by other cleaning products and systems from Vinyl, Shellac and Glass Records. Restores 2x12, 1x10, 1x7 records simultaneously.

"...not only removes troublesome noise efficiently, to give new life to your vinyl, it also provides a level of sonic transparency that is truly astounding. Once you hear the effects yourself, you'll realise that you've never actually heard your record collection. Not properly. As such, I have to declare that the KA-RC-1 is the best record cleaner on the market. Bar none." Paul Rigby, Hi-Fi World.

Web Link: www.kirmussaudio.net

Where to find KirmussAudio at the show

See KirmussAudio on Stand Conservatory 7 on the Terrace/Conservatory floor

Listening to your records after being restored by our KA-RC-1 Restoration System, is often described as an emotional moment. Hearing for the first time sounds never before heard from a much cherished record is an experience often told.

We not only clean records but our process removes the "release agent" and other "cleaning" products from the grooves, safely restoring the record.

Every reviewer mentions the outstanding results obtain by using the KA-RC-1 plus we outperform more expensive systems on the market, "bar none".

New Product Launches: KA-S1-40 Superior Quality - 3 layer HDPE + Paper, Inner Record Sleeves for LPs


08.01.20    KirmussAudio Showcases KA-RC-1 Record Restoration System,
KirmussAudio manufacturers and distributors of the KA-RC-1 Four Record Restoration System, accessories and high quality 3 layer inner record sleeves. more info