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RBH Sound, founded in 1976, is a manufacturer of high performance audio products for residential and commercial applications. The company’s initial business model was that of an OEM manufacturer. RBH Sound provided speakers to some well known manufacturers in the residential and commercial market, these included McIntosh, Fosgate, Parasound and JBL. In addition to providing the finished product to these companies, RBH Sound also provided audio engineering and consulting services. In 1986, RBH Sound’s company’s business plan changed. The company relocated and the primary focus shifted from OEM relationships to building brand recognition for the RBH Sound name.

While there are many manufacturers of speakers, RBH Sound is unique in the fact that they are one of the few remaining high performance loudspeaker companies still owned by the founder. While other companies have sold out to larger corporations, RBH Sound has chosen to stay privately held. This allows RBH Sound to be flexible and react to the ever-changing needs of the audio market. It is RBH Sound’s mission to "Redefine the Way You Experience Sound". To accomplish this, they engineer and design all of their products. Additionally, RBH Sound products are constantly tested and retested to ensure manufactured products are consistent with the design specifications.

Web Link: www.rbhsound.com/

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