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Real hi-fi at real-world prices. Exposure has been committed to engineering real hi-fi at real-world prices since 1974. The brands design philosophy is to make hi-fi that gets on with the task of reproducing music while the equipment itself hides in the background. Which is smart thinking, since most people prefer to listen to their music, not their hi-fi. Hi-fi critics have described the Exposure experience as rightness in sound, combining the speed and precision of the best solid-state designs with a touch of the sweetness of valves.

Web Link: www.exposurehifi.com

Where to find Exposure Electronics at the show

See Exposure Electronics in Room 212 on the 2nd Floor

Exposures multi award-winning XM series of electronics packs a raft of high-performance features into an astonishingly compact half-width size - perfect for music lovers who seek superior yet affordable sound across multiple media. Here, the XM CD player (Hi-Fi Plus Disc Player of the Year 2019), paired with the superb range-topping 5010 preamplifier and XM9 mono power amps, will be at the heart of an active system featuring Exposures new VXN analogue active crossover driving Kudos Audios Titan 505 loudspeakers.

New Product Launches: Exposure VXN active crossover, Exposure VXN-PS power supply