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Harbeth Audio

Hand-crafted British-made loudspeakers which take the BBC monitor concept to new levels of clarity and involvement

Begun by the BBC's former head of loudspeaker research, the Harbeth brand epitomizes the natural sound demanded by sound directors and audiophiles alike. That's why today Harbeth loudspeakers are used to create award-winning sound for live TV shows, film soundtracks and CDs, as well as in countless home hi-fi systems around the globe.

Because today's listener demands more than a re-creation of those early BBC designs, Harbeth has built on the broadcaster's research to create models fit for the twenty-first century. Central to this is Harbeth's unique RADIAL cone material because its patented polymer composite out-performs other diaphragm materials which have the wrong balance of mechanical and acoustic properties for audio reproduction.

Over five man-years of world-class research went into creating Harbeth RADIAL and it remains unbeaten for purity of sound.

Web Link: www.harbeth.co.uk

Where to find Harbeth Audio at the show

See Harbeth Audio in Room 230 on the 2nd Floor, in Room 232 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 234 on the 2nd Floor