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Totem Acoustic

Web Link: www.totemacoustic.com

Where to find Totem Acoustic at the show

See Totem Acoustic in Room 218 on the 2nd Floor

Since 1987 with examples such as our legendary Model One and Arro, we at Totem Acoustic have proven that a small speaker is capable of producing a beautiful big and open sound. Totem's two latest designs, the superbly engineered Tribe Tower (4.999) and the 'Pint Sized' Skylight (1.099) are two new little beauties that continue this tradition and we will proudly show them in room 218. At Totem we strongly believe a speaker needs to be a 'transducer' between the heart of the music and one's inner core. The smallest details are not arbitrary, we've spent decades to develop, design and now to build these little wonders.

New Product Launches Totem Tribe Tower & Totem Skylight