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PMC, the Emmy award-winning British loudspeaker company, is widely respected as the manufacturer of the finest studio and hi-fi loudspeakers in the world with clients such as Prince, Elbow, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Capitol Studios, the BBC and many more. The company's handcrafted designs provide a pure, uncoloured sound thanks to their ATL bass loading technology, which guarantees a wide dynamic range, crystal clear mid-range and full, rich bass at all volumes. The product ranges include in and on wall, compacts, floorstanders, subs and large scale active designs providing the ultimate in audio quality for both two channel & multi-channel systems.

Hear your music and movies exactly as the artist intended with PMC.

Web Link: www.pmc-speakers.com

Where to find PMC at the show

See PMC in the SS Great Britain 2 Suite on the Ground Floor and in the SS Great Britain 3 Suite on the Ground Floor