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Spendor was established in the early 70’s to manufacture broadcast reference monitor loudspeakers for the BBC. Today Spendor manufactures three distinctive loudspeaker lines. D-line, Internationally acclaimed, elegant, modern, ultimate performance. Featuring important Spendor engineering innovation, polymer cones, LPZ tweeter, 5th generation Linear-flow port technology. A-line, high value, versatile, class leading, compact floor-standers. Classic, refined and developed versions of Spendor’s original 70’s broadcast monitors, delivering a beautifully clear natural sound with a captivating warmth and charm you simply won’t experience with any modern loudspeaker. Spendor designs and manufacturers every element of every loudspeaker from drive units, precision wound crossover inductors, to cabinets with a range of beautiful natural veneers and modern lacquer finishes, in-house in the UK.

Listen to Spendor, let the technology work, hear the music.

Web Link: www.spendoraudio.com

Where to find Spendor at the show

See Spendor in the Castle View Suite Suite on the 1st Floor