Townshend Audio

Web Link: www.townshendaudio.com

Where to find Townshend Audio at the show

See Townshend Audio on Stand Conservatory 4 on the Terrace/Conservatory floor

Many hi-end audio systems now incorporate Townshend multi award-winning upgrades. From isolating individual components (e.g. turntables, disk players, streamers, computers, DACs and amplifiers, etc.), to large floor-standing speakers, Townshend Seismic Isolation improves the entire system. The Townshend method of isolation, down to 3Hz, is unique in the audio industry. Achieving stunning levels of isolation in all three planes, far surpasses that of any competitive system.
Top your speakers with Townshend Supertweeters to take your listening experience into new realms.

New Product Launches: Enigma pre-amplifier. Competitions: Win a 1 meter pair of the latest Fractal interconnect cables.