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Web Link: www.townshendaudio.com

Where to find Townshend Audio at the show

See Townshend Audio on Stand Conservatory 4 on the Terrace/Conservatory floor

Townshends new Allegri Reference preamplifier promises to set reference-level standards with its impressive performance throughout the audio band. The Maximum Supertweeters, meanwhile, now feature new seismic stands, enabling them to be partnered with any loudspeaker to reveal a wealth of extra detail in the midrange, treble and bass. Discover too, using accelerometers and a new purpose-developed cable testing machine, precisely how much, and why, our renowned seismic isolation and audio cable ranges will enhance your hi-fi systems performance.

New Product Launches Allegri Reference preamplifier, Maximum Supertweeter with new seismic stand, Townshend Audio cable tester.