Innovation, technology, craftsmanship & superior performance, backed by 90 years of excellence. Founded in 1926, ELAC’s first consumer audio product was the PW1 record player. During the 1970s and 1980s, every serious music lover had a high-quality turntable, and the fortunate few owned an ELAC.

By 1984, ELAC began designing loudspeakers. One year later, ELAC’s newly developed 4Pi omnidirectional tweeter turned the listening world on its collective ear and launched ELAC into the company of the most elite speaker manufacturers.

ELAC and innovation go hand-in-hand, and in 1993, ELAC introduced the JET folded-ribbon tweeter. With an expanded frequency response up to 35 kHz, the JET tweeter has been continually refined and is featured today in home and automotive applications.

Today, ELAC offers a complete range of speakers, including active, wireless and custom-install models. ELAC has earned its reputation—from the beginning—with advanced technology, uncompromised build quality and modern European style. And now, a whole new range of affordable speakers by renowned designer Andrew Jones brings ELAC within reach of dedicated music lovers on a budget.

Web Link: www.elac.com

Where to find ELAC at the show

See ELAC in Room 228 on the 2nd Floor

Building on the success of the EISA award winning Miracord 90 Turntable, ELAC launches the Miracord 70. Supplied complete with tonearm and cartridge, Miracord 70 features a MDF base with a glass platter, driven by an extremely smooth synchronous motor.

Also launching is the Discovery Z3 Zone speaker. Play music directly to it from your phone using Bluetooth, AirPlay or Spotify Connect or make it part of a multi-room setup with Discovery or a Roon® server.

New Product Launches: ELAC Miracord 70 Turntable, ELAC Discovery Z3 Wireless Loudspeaker

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