From their beginnings in 1985 to the modern day, Roksan has always been associated with high-end hi-fi. The iconic Xerxes turntable was their first product, and since then a full range of quality turntables and electronics have been released from their UK-based headquarters and manufacturing plant. At Bristol 2016 we have some exciting products to show, including the latest developments in the Kandy K3 range and the new Oxygene 30 turntable.

Web Link: www.roksan.co.uk

Where to find Roksan at the show

See Roksan in the Empire 1 Suite on the Ground Floor

Monitor Audio is launching two new loudspeakers - the eye-catching Monitor Series and another to be revealed at the Show! The The new speakers are on demo with Roksan's Radius 7 turntable (featuring the new Corus 2 cartridge), the Roksan K3 DAC and the Roksan Caspian range (Reference Phono Amplifier, Integrated Amplifier, CD Player). Monitor Audio's award-winning Silver Series is being demonstrated in a 5.1 set up, and the full Silver family is on display alongside a complete selection of Roksan's Caspian, K3 and Blak ranges.

New Product Launches: Monitor Series - loudspeakers

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