From their beginnings in 1985 to the modern day, Roksan has always been associated with high-end hi-fi. The iconic Xerxes turntable was our first product, and since then a full range of quality turntables and electronics have been released from our UK-based headquarters and manufacturing plant.

Web Link: www.roksan.com

Where to find Roksan at the show

See Roksan in the Empire 1 Suite on the Ground Floor

We have an extensive range of our award-winning products on display. The blak CD player, Xerxes 20 Plus turntable, the Caspian VSC2 vinyl system control and blak integrated amplifier are driving Monitor Audio’s stunning new Gold series of loudspeakers.

Also showcased are the Caspian power amplifier, Caspian integrated amplifier, Caspian CD player, K3 integrated amplifier, K3 power amplifier, K3 CD player and the Radius 7 turntable featuring a NIMA tonearm.

Come and listen to our carefully curated tracks, we are sure you will love how our systems make them sound.