Naim Records

You can certainly call our catalogue eclectic... I want variety in my life. I can’t listen to one type of music again and again. I don’t see why a label should stick to one sort of music." – Julian Vereker - Founder, Naim Records

Independent. Uncompromising. Eclectic.

Web Link: https://www.naimaudio.com/naim-records

Where to find Naim Records at the show

See Naim Records on Stand Terrace 1a on the Terrace/Conservatory floor and on Stand Terrace 1b on the Terrace/Conservatory floor

This year Naim Records join Naim Audio on the mezzanine level at the Brunel Suite, with an offering of their latest releases and exclusive merchandise. With vinyl from Yazz Ahmed, The Last Dinosaur, Harry Jay-Steele and Daudi Matsiko you might discover your new favourite artist.

Independent. Uncompromising. Eclectic.

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