Sound Fowndations

Web Link: www.soundfowndations.co.uk

Where to find Sound Fowndations at the show

See Sound Fowndations in Room 209 on the 2nd Floor and in Room 220 on the 2nd Floor

Room 209

If you think state-of-the-art equals off-the-chart expensive, join us to discover a raft of affordable innovations. Clearaudio’s Innovation Basic turntable translates key elements of the brand’s coveted Innovation series into a more compact and budget-friendly design. Optical cartridge pioneer DS Audio launches its brand new entry-level DS-E1 model, halving the cost of optical technology. Together, they will power the unique and multi award-winning ‘back-to-the-wall’ Larsen 8 loudspeaker. Plus Furutech’s performance-enhancing cables, connectors and accessories, including the incredible NCF Booster.

Room 220

If you think high-end hi-fi’s just for those with big rooms and bigger budgets, come and hear several masters of affordable musicality, including Clearaudio’s multi award-winning Concept turntable package (“a conceptual masterpiece” – What Hi-Fi?). Plus the brilliantly home-friendly ‘flush-against-the-wall’ Larsen 4 loudspeaker, whose uniquely positioned drivers create an impressive soundstage even in modest spaces. And, speaking of smart solutions, discover IsoTek’s renowned range of power conditioning systems, designed to cost-effectively protect and upgrade your audio components’ performance.

New Product Launches: IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Uni; IsoTek EVO3 Gemini.


08.02.19    Optical Phono Cartridge Pioneer DS Audio Launches New Entry Level DS-E1
pic   Think you can’t afford the superlative sound of an optical phono cartridge? Think again… more info
08.02.19    New Furutech FI-UK (S) Silver-plated Power Connector
pic   We asked for it, we got it. Furutech’s top-of-range UK power connector is now available in a new silver-plated version. more info
04.02.19    Test Drive Clearaudio’s Brand New Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaning Machine
pic   It’s elegant, highly effective, a breeze to use and oh-so-quiet. more info