Of all the British high-end hi-fi brands, Quad boasts the longest and most distinguished history. The company has been at the cutting edge of audio since 1936, continually pushing back the boundaries of performance with technologies both new and established. In 1953, the Quad II valve amplifier was launched, setting new standards for audio amplification, and three years later Quad invented the first full-range electrostatic speaker – later known as the legendary ESL 57.

Throughout the ensuing years, Quad products have continued to win worldwide acclaim, building a reputation for excellence that bears comparison with the most distinguished brands in any field. The company’s current range boasts many award-winning products, including the latest generation of ESL electrostatic speakers, class-leading valve amplifiers, dynamic ‘box’ speakers and a range of solid-state audio electronics that fuse high-end performance with innovative connectivity. 79 years after its formation, Quad continues to be driven by the philosophy of its founder, Peter Walker, to produce “the closest approach to the original sound”.

Web Link: http://www.quad-hifi.co.uk/

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