Since 1981 quadral have been producing some astounding speakers and electronics, using many years of experience and incorporating their mastery of acoustics and laws of physics. An extensive selection in their “non German” sounding range of speakers, which combined with their unbelievably affordable prices allows everyone to enjoy their music collection as they have never heard it before, styled in over 130 colours. Always striving for the next level they continue to improve their selection both in looks and sound, though improvement in the sound will be hard to believe once you have heard them

Web Link: www.quadralgb-ie.co.uk

Where to find quadral at the show

See quadral in Room 218 on the 2nd Floor

This year you will have the chance to see and hear some fantastic products from quadral, Novafidelity, TAD, Oracle, SPEC, Creaktiv and Kennerton. Come along to rooms 217 & 218 to hear some quality sounds at reasonable prices!

New Product Launches: quadral Rhodan 9 and Novafidelity X35

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