Audio Analogue

Italian brand Audio Analogue aims “to conceive a special quality of sound through deep knowledge of audio technology”. Each product is designed to satisfy every element of the listening experience and every member of the company’s skilled design team is involved in all developmental stages of a new product, even though they may be directly responsible for only a part of it. Fine-tuning of each product is a similarly collaborative process - extensive listening tests involve designers, engineers and managers alike, so that the many aspects of sonic balance are collectively optimised.

Where to find Audio Analogue at the show

See Audio Analogue in Room 318 on the 3rd Floor, in Room 320 on the 3rd Floor and in Room 322 on the 3rd Floor

Room 318

Join us to hear some of Europe’s finest ‘affordable audiophile’ hi-fi. The top-of-range CS-600 turntable from Classic German brand Dual will be crowned with something special from Dutch phono cartridge expert, AJ van den Hul. Moving along the chain, discover Italian Audio Analogue’s AAphono, a flexible, feature-laden phonostage, along with sister brand Pegaso’s brand new P50A valve amplifier. Finally, enjoy Danish Scansonic’s MB-5B, a sleek, slim and dynamic floorstanding loudspeaker from the brand’s newly-upgraded MB series. Come, sit, tune in.

New Product Launches:Pegaso P50a integrated valve amplifier; Scansonic HD MB-B loudspeakers

Room 322

‘Affordable excellence’ is the focus here, with a system showcasing four appealing possibilities for music lovers seeking high performance at an achievable price. Classic German turntable brand Dual recently returned to the UK with its impressive balance of proven engineering and user-friendly convenience. The CS-526 deck is partnered with Audio Analogue’s AAcento integrated amplifier, sporting a raft of flexible features. Scansonic’s new M40 loudspeakers deliver a powerfully elegant sound, while van den Hul’s adept cabling ensures high quality connections throughout.

New Product Launches: Scansonic HD M40 loudspeaker; Dual CS-526 semi-automatic turntable.