Ophidian Audio

Ophidian Audio is a UK based manufacturer of hi-fi loudspeaker systems

AEROFLEX bass loading technology combines the best of both ported and transmission line designs allowing our speakers to reproduce low frequencies with incredible definition and control. By minimising port velocity AEROFLEX properly loads the driver right up to it's maximum excursion enhancing dynamics and ensuring the speaker produces the same tonal balance at high volumes as at low volumes.

Our award winning M-series range of loudspeakers exhibit AEROFLEX technology in a variety of forms ranging from the impossibly small Minimo micro monitor to the small footprint floorstander, Mambo. Only the highest quality components are used from the drive units through to the crossover components. Many hours of listening to music sources of all kinds have helped shape and tune the finely balanced sound which Ophidian loudspeakers aim to reproduce.

Web Link: www.ophidian.co.uk

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