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January 9, 2019

Funk Firm Launch New Product Range At The Bristol Hi-Fi Show

The Funk Firm launches its RAGE range of turntable upgrade products – for Rega turntables.

Comprising of Funk’s award-winning Achromat platter mat, Bo!ng turntable isolation feet and one of Funk’s ultra-low resonance arms: FXR (RAGE 1) or F7 (RAGE 2) Funk’s Arthur Khoubesserian will run a series of closed demonstrations of the products throughout the show, revealing what really matters in turntable design and debunking several turntable design myths.

Khoubesserian said,

“The new RAGE products reflect my anger at the myths and falsehoods that abound when it comes to what matters in turntable design and are an attempt to allow existing owners of turntables to significantly upgrade the performance of their deck with scientifically designed, precision engineered components. We happen to have launched the range with upgrade products for Rega turntables, but upgrade kits for other turntables are already in the pipeline – watch this space.”

“We’ve some interesting demonstrations planned for the Bristol show which will concretely demonstrate what really matters in turntable design – and what is hype.”