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January 31, 2019

New MASS Surround Sound System On Display At Bristol



MASS comprises five high-performance satellite speakers and an equally capable Subwoofer, bringing an entirely new level of performance and aesthetic elegance to the surround sound audio system. Available in Midnight (blue/black) or Mist (white/grey), bespoke cloth covers give the feel of a luxury piece of soft furnishing while remaining acoustically transparent. The satellite speakers feature cloth-wrapped rear covers to conceal cables and connections, ensuring a clean silhouette in any environment. Unique and graceful speaker stands have been carefully designed to complement the speakers’ stylish cloth covering while offering perfect speaker placement.

Movie enthusiasts, gamers and music lovers alike will revel in MASS’s ability to put them in the middle of the action, bringing an unimaginable level of immersion to their favourite films, games or songs. The new Satellite speakers, featuring new driver and crossover technology, ensures class-leading sound backed up by deep, controlled bass from the Subwoofer.

Quick and easy to set up, MASS brings a genuinely enthralling surround sound experience to any room – which means any room can be a state-of-the-art concert hall or cinema. All the clarity, all the drama, all the 360-degree excitement of your favourite films, games and music, and a new acoustic standard: the new MASS from Monitor Audio.

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Ground Floor: Empire 1