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February 14, 2019

New SVS 3000 Series Subs Make UK Show Debut



Jaw-dropping bass is a given from SVS, the doyen of low frequency aplomb, but the new more compact SB 3000 (Sealed Box) and PB3000 (Ported Box) models are designed to offer bass lovers subterranean lows and easy, accurate room control from a wider range of room locations.

Equipped with an all-new 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver powered by 800W RMS of MOSFET amplification and tuned using Analog Devices audio DSP through an innovative SVS smartphone app, the 3000s represent the state-of-the-subwoofer-art from the award-winning SVS stable, at its usual market-beating prices.

In what promises to be a memorably powerful AV demonstration, twin SB-3000 subs are joined by SVS Prime Pinnacle towers and Prime Centre/Bookshelves in Karma-AV’s 5.2.2 system, also featuring Emotiva’s RMC-1 processor and XPA-7 power amplifier.

If you love immersive AV performance, put room 332 near the top of your show tour!

See Karma AV at...

3rd Floor: 332