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February 19, 2019

Wilson Benesch Celebrate 30th Anniversary



In celebration Wilson Benesch has a series of events planned through 2019, kicking off in Bristol for the Premiere HIFI event in the British calendar. Now a globally recognised brand, Wilson Benesch export British high-end loudspeakers, turntables and audio furniture across the globe. Its designs have won critical acclaim across Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA. Most recently the company won the prestigious 'Golden Ear Award' for its Resolution loudspeaker in its reference line 'Geometry Series'.

Having founded the company with the original Wilson Benesch Turntable. A design that introduced both the world's first Hybridised Carbon Fibre - Nomex sub-chassis and a tapered tubular Carbon Fibre tonearm. These technologies represented a remarkable achievement in the combination of aerospace materials technology and product design, especially given the year and the fact Wilson Benesch was a fledgeling privately owned business startup. The Wilson Benesch Turntable was a great success, securing major product awards across the globe and securing the long-term future of the company. The design went on to become something of a high-end audio classic design, highly sought by collectors worldwide.

In 2019, Wilson Benesch is delighted to announce that it will use the original Wilson Benesch Turntable at the Bristol Show. Partnered with the CH Precision I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier this will be the first public display of the turntable in over 20-years.

Join us in the 1st-floor conservatory for a celebration of high-end audio.

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Terrace/Conservatory: Conservatory 1