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February 20, 2019

Melco’s Uncompromising Digital Libraries Discoverable At The Show



Melco, the world’s leading high-performance digital music storage solutions manufacturer, will be bringing its entire range of digital music libraries to the show, enabling visitors to discover how Melco’s uncompromising approach to digital music storage and playback can best benefit them.

Melco will be discussing the ultimate archival-quality CD-importing into the digital domain; perfect for music lovers looking to preserve a lifetime of carefully curated music in the best possible quality for optimum playback with today’s high-resolution DACs.

A wide range of high-performance digital music libraries will be available to discover, including the new space-saving N100 and N10 models, which offer class-leading performance (from the N10) and real-world affordability (from the entry-level N100).

Melco’s expert UK team, including General Manager Alan Ainslie, will be offering advice and answering questions, including advising on the benefits of migrating to Melco from Linn, Naim and other hardware providers.

Melco has a prime position in the foyer this year, making it easy to find the products and engage with the Melco team. Accessories including the D100 CD loader/transport and E100 digital storage drive will also be available, showing the versatility of Melco’s approach.

See Melco / Russell K at...

2nd Floor: 204, Ground Floor: Bay 1