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December 30, 2019

Franc Kuzma Will Be Making His Debut At The Bristol Hi-Fi Show.


Definitive Audio, the newly appointed UK distributor for KUZMA and Triode Corporation Japan will be presenting an exciting portfolio of new and classic products at Bristol 2020.

Meet Franc Kuzma and Kevin Scott, designer of Living Voice loudspeakers, who will be DJing using the Kuzma Stabi S,R and M models and a variety of Kuzma tone arms and cartridges.

We will have an all valve system including the delightful Triode Corporation TRX-M300 mono amplifiers, SJS phono and line preamplifiers all playing through our classic Living Voice OBX-RW3 loudspeakers.

Cables are from SAEC, Japan. Tables are from Living Voice.

We are looking to forward to seeing new and old faces and to having some fun.

Living Voice, Kuzma And Triode Corporation

See Definitive Audio at...

4th Floor: 413, 4th Floor: 415