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January 17, 2020

ProAc Launch Two New K Series Models at Bristol 2020


Following the international success of the K3, K6 and K6 Signature, ProAc is proud to announce the launch of the K1 and K10.

The new K1 is a 2-way stand mount design featuring ProAc's proven 6.5 inch Kevlar coned mid-bass driver and classic ribbon tweeter. The two drivers are seamlessly integrated via a high quality crossover network to deliver reference level stand mount sound quality and are housed in a rigid, highly damped cabinet that retains the porting design fist utilised in the K6. ProAc has produced a pair of dedicated stands designed exclusively for use with the K1.

The new K10 flagship floor stander incorporates two Kevlar coned 8 inch professional quality bass drivers, two exceptional midrange units and classic ribbon tweeter. The drivers are housed in a slim, elegant and rigidly damped cabinet utilising the proven K Series porting arrangement.

Designed to partner only the highest quality electronics, the K10 is the culmination of Stewart Tyler's 40 year speaker design experience and offers smooth high frequencies, extended effortless bass and ProAc's legendary transparent midrange quality.

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2nd Floor: 216, Ground Floor: Empire 3