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January 8, 2020

KirmussAudio Showcases KA-RC-1 Record Restoration System,


Listening to your records after being restored by our KA-RC-1 Record Restoration System, is often described as an emotional moment. Hearing for the first time sounds never before heard from a much cherished record is an experience of which we have have been informed and have witnessed. Often a dramatic increase in volume is also experienced from the record.

We not only clean records but our process removes the "release agent" and other "cleaning" products from the grooves, safely restoring the record to listen to what was originally intended by the performer.

Leading archives now use our system to restore records they had thought had been lost. Every reviewer has mentioned the outstanding results obtain by using the KA-RC-1 and we outperform all the more expensive systems on the market, "bar none".

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