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January 27, 2020

ARCAM Electronics & JBL Speakers Make European Cinematic Debuts AT The Bristol Hi-Fi Show



This year sees the Luxury Audio Group create a home theatre experience in the hotels Empire 2 area, enabling visitors to hear ARCAMs latest AVRs, power amplifiers, and AV processor teamed with JBLs new HDI Series of premium loudspeakers.

New models on live demonstration from the ARCAM HDA range will include the 16-channel surround solution that is the 4,999.00 AVR30 receiver, as well as the 3,749.00, IMAX Enhanced-equipped AV40 processor. Designed and engineered in JBLs world-renowned acoustic engineering facility in Northridge, California, the new JBL HDI line comprises five models, with all four full-range speakers feature their makers patented High-Definition Imaging waveguides and revolutionary compression driver technology. The accompanying HDI-1200P powered subwoofer benefits from the same engineering prowess, using a high-density Poly-PlasTM cone and a three-inch voice coil. The Empire 2 home theatre demonstration is no holds barred, with the ARCAM AV engines powering a 7.4.4 speaker system selected exclusively from the JBL HDI line.

HARMAN also invites show visitors to witness the first UK public outing of the JBL L82 Classic. Unveiled at this years CES in Las Vegas, the L82 could be the answer to many a listeners loudspeaker conundrum. Based on the 2018-launched L100 Classic loudspeaker (the modern version of JBLs all-time best-selling JBL L100) the L82 delivers thrilling sonics, complete with timeless aesthetics, yet all in a more compact design so, almost 200mm shorter,100mm thinner, and around 80mm shallower than its big bro. If the L100 Classic measures a little too large for your listening space, head to the hotel foyer at The Bristol Show 2020 and lay eyes on the L82 its a little(r) beauty. HARMAN will also display the new ARCAM SA30 in the foyer not only its makers most comprehensively-ever equipped G Class stereo integrated amplifier, the SA30 is also the perfect partner for a pair of L82 Classics.

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Ground Floor: Empire 2, Ground Floor: Reception