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January 30, 2020

AIAIAI Enters High-End Audio Market With New TMA-2 HD Wireless Headphones



The new TMA-2 HD Wireless headphones, are AIAIA's most technically ambitious iteration yet within its modular TMA-2 headphone system. 

This TMA-2 HD brings the company into the high-end audio market by delivering high-definition audio and luxurious comfort. Using premium components, the on ear headphones are meticulously engineered to produce a clear and  detailed sound presentation.

AIAIAI has long had a reputation for producing high-end headphones for DJ's and music producers. With TMA-2 HD Wireless, AIAIAI expands its focus to accommodate not only music creators, but discerning music consumers.

With forward-thinking materials, such as Alcantara cushions, memory foam and NAC acoustics bio-cellulose speakers, AIAIAI ensures top performance, guaranteeing a precise and comfortable listening experience.

Sound: A special bio-diaphragm speaker unit for highly detailed audio

The speaker unit contains a diaphragm that is precision-grown from NAC Audio bio-cellulose, making it stiffer, lighter and stronger than regular PET speaker units, and allowing the sound-producing diaphragm to vibrate without the levels of distortion found in other speakers.

Each of these qualities results in more accurate and detailed sound from the speaker, including better-defined high frequencies, a more pronounced mid-range, better dynamics and a more natural overall tonality, plus the ability to retain clarity of sound at high volumes.

Comfort: Alcantara and memory foam earpad
Alcantara is a highly innovative material offering an unrivalled combination of sensory aesthetic and functional qualities. With its extraordinary versatility, Alcantara is the choice of many leading brands in fashion, automotive and tech products. These features, combined with a serious and proven commitment to sustainability from AIAIAI, make Alcantara the choice for those who want an extreme comfort for sustained listening experiences while respecting the environment.

Wireless: Wireless headband with AptX HD for wireless listening
The Aptx HD codec transmits 24-bit hi-res audio, equal to or better than CD quality, preventing listeners from having to choose between performance and conveniencethe TMA HD Wireless delivers both.

The TMA-2 HD Wireless headphones include the most sophisticated, premium components within the AIAIAI TMA-2 headphone system, which continually evolves and expands to allow users increasing levels of personalization and longevity of use (more information below about the complete TMA-2 headphone system).

Back up Cable:
With individually-coated interior cabling, end spring and robust black anodized metal plug, the backup cable helps reduce interference when needed or desired.

About the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System

TMA-2 is the worlds most extensive modular headphone system, enhanced and refined over the last 15 years. Modularity is the ability to upgrade headphones as technology evolves, extending the longevity of every product and creating less waste for the planet. The quick and easy changes to individual parts allow for more than 1,000 possible headphone configurations, empowering users to create truly individualized headphones that fit lifestyle preferences, music taste and other use case requirements. The foundational belief of AIAIAI is that life is rarely static; therefore, headphones should be able to adapt whether a listener is at home, in the office or on the goover time. Music professionals can also tailor the system to any creative context, from studio production and audio editing, to DJing or listening on the go.

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