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February 5, 2020

JL Audio Launches the New Fathom f110v2 Subwoofer



The most award winning and coveted subwoofer range has been enhanced further by the introduction of the new JL Audio Fathom® f110v2 Subwoofer.

The JL Audio Fathom f110v2 subwoofer has a proprietary patented 10-inch driver, capable of peak-to-peak excursion capabilities of 2.5 inches, driven by an 1100W amplifier, all within a sealed enclosure with extensive internal bracing.

JL Audio Fathom v2 subwoofers combine a state-of-the-art JL Audio subwoofer driver and electronics/amplifier package within a highly optimised enclosure to deliver an exceptional listening experience in any home theater or home audio system.

The subwoofer driver in the Fathom v2 subwoofer system is capable of outstanding linear excursion without distress or audible distortion. This reference-quality driver enables the Fathom v2 to reproduce powerful low-frequency events with stunning impact and unprecedented accuracy. Derived from JL Audio’s legendary W7 design platform, the Fathom v2 drivers offer prodigious peak-to-peak excursion capabilities to comfortably handle the dynamics of the most demanding program material.

To get the most from this long excursion driver platform, a tremendous amount of controlled power is needed. JL Audio’s electronics engineering team conducted an intense analysis of typical program material and its dynamic demands in order to balance current draw and actual output power requirements relative to the system’s impedance characteristics. After careful study, precisely engineered switching amplifiers employing patented feedback technology were created to take full advantage of each driver’s full excursion envelope. Compared to their predecessors, Fathom v2’s have been improved with all new digital signal processing and a 20% increase in amplifier power, further enhancing their outstanding dynamic capabilities.

The listening room affects the way bass will sound. All rooms create a specific sonic signature, which must be effectively managed to achieve well-balanced low frequency performance. To help properly integrate the Fathom f110v2 subwoofer with your room’s acoustics, all Fathom v2 subwoofers employ a powerful, Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system. This system deploys eighteen bands of digital equalisation to tame room acoustics and deliver spine-tingling sub-bass accuracy.

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