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February 6, 2018

Hear the New Neat Acoustics Iota XPLORER


The Xplorer's top section is sealed off from the lower section, and acts as a two-way infinite baffle loudspeaker. It houses Neat's own P1-R3 170mm bass / midrange drive unit alongside an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter in a horizontal array, as per the Iota and Iota Alpha models.

The Neat P1 bass/mid drive unit has a long pedigree, variants of which have featured in Neat's prestige Ultimatum range, as well as Momentum models. It has a treated paper cone with a flared profile and aluminium phase-correction bullet and is recognized for its agility and exemplary dynamic qualities.

The AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter, here employed for the first time in a Neat loudspeaker, delivers an uncompressed, musical performance and offers excellent integration with the Neat main drive unit.

The lower, ported, section of the Xplorer houses not one, but two of Neat's P1-R2 bass drive units. These are similar to the R3 unit, but specially tailored for extended low-frequency response. One unit is located on the bottom panel, facing the floor, whilst the second is located internally, directly above the first, in a sealed iso-baric arrangement, handling only low frequencies and acting as an integral subwoofer system. Iso-baric loading allows deep, well controlled LF performance from a compact enclosure. This system takes great skill to execute correctly, and has been implemented very successfully in several of Neat's other designs.

Combining these elements ensures that the Iota-Xplorer delivers a compelling portrayal of all types of music. Like the Alpha, the Xplorer belies its small stature with a full-range agile presentation and huge soundstage, which projects far beyond the modest confines of the cabinet.

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